Ames Farm Honey

Ames Farm is an artisanal raw honey producer processing honey in Watertown, Minnesota.

Made from “Flowers, Sunshine and Rain”, their eight hundred beehives produce over a dozen single source honeys. Ames Farm excels in small batch honey from one location, one hive and one time period, capturing the different aromas, flavors and colors of the seasons and blooms.

Each jar of Single Source Honey has the location, hive number and floral source printed on the label, making it unique and specific to a time and place in Minnesota.

Classic Provisions stocks Ames Farm Blooming Prairie Creamed Honey in 12-12oz cases, Raw Honey in 1/2 gallons, Single Source Mixed Honey in 12-9oz cases, Table Honey in 1lb bottles and Single Source Honeycomb in 5oz boxes.


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