Door County Artisan Cheese

Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker Mike Brennenstuhl had a vision, for more than a decade, to create an all-inclusive, three-fold culinary and cheese experience to educate, engage and excite Door County visitors about Wisconsin’s most famous food…Cheese.

That idea became a reality in 2017 with the launch of their on-site Cheese Creamery/ Factory to craft both traditional and original artisan cheeses, and then age them in the underground Cheese Caves dedicated to exceptional affinage. Door Artisan guests can talk directly with the Master cheesemakers, while they create a cheese, to learn how that variety is made; then tour the lower-level aging caves to observe how the affinage process develops the unique flavor of each cheese variety.

Under the leadership of Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker Mike Brennenstuhl, Door Artisan Cheese produces both traditional Wisconsin cheeses and original-recipe, small-batch creations, often inspired by their cheesemakers’ heritage, or the ethnic regions in Wisconsin,…like the Belgian, Dutch, Scandinavian, Swiss or Germanic settlers in Door County and Italians in central Wisconsin regions.

*All Door Artisan Cheese is made with Wisconsin local family farms’ fresh milk--certified humane.

Heritage Variety examples from their 20 varieties are…

Valmy, a beer washed-rind cheese with hints of the yeasts and malts emerging from the Trappist style beer, is the Master Cheesemaker's original recipe honoring the Belgian heritage in Door County, WI.

Zivil, a Swedish-style Fontina, cave-aged 2-5 months to develop a semi-soft creamy cheese with a mild clean flavor.

Crema Pressato, an Italian inspired Asiago made from local farms’ whole milk. Sweet and buttery, reminiscent of cream and fresh milk. Delicate and tangy with a slightly, salty aftertaste.

Butter Kase, a German-style soft cheese with a delicate taste and creamy, butter-like texture.

Classic Provisions stocks eight different varieties of Door County Artisan Cheese, both in wheel and pre-cut formats.


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