Phyllo Crisps

New Bakery D.O.O. in Croatia, known in Europe as the largest and best baklava manufacturer, has come out with a new twist on baklava: Phyllo Crisps.

New Bakery is known for their rigorous attention to detail with all their ingredients and relentless passion in producing a quality product every single time. All raw materials are sieved, all liquids are filtered, and all are regularly tested to ensure the ingredients continuously conform to the specifications of every recipe. All nuts are pre-screened using lasers and have a final visual check carefully under the human eye.

Fortune Fish and Gourmet stocks all three flavors: Cranberry Oat, Apple Cinnamon, and Apricot Honey. Indulge in these sweet crisps as a lighter substitute to breakfast donuts, evening cookies, or holiday pastries. You can also pair them with brie, chevre or goat cheese for a mouth-watering flavor combination.


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