Superior Small Batch

With a mission to provide healthy, hand-made food in a way that benefits the community, Superior Small Batch’s guiding principles of product quality, fair labor practice and environmental sustainability shine through into every morsel of their offerings.

Produced in a shared commercial kitchen in Superior, WI, Superior Small Batch owners and Twin Ports residents Shane Dickey and Gail Francis are turning out two delicious, vegan-friendly powerhouse products: Brimson Bangers and Hearty Burgers.

The Brimson Banger is a savory alternative to meat-based sausage. Made in small batches with wholesome ingredients, Brimson Banger is produced in a frozen roll. Easy to portion or packaged as crumbles. the product contains about half the calories of beef or pork sausage and contains more protein. While ready to heat and serve, a little browning in a skillet or on a grill enhance the texture, color and bite.

Pattied into ¼ pound portions, the Hearty Burger packs a satisfying mouthful. Hearty Burger delivers flavor and nutrition for those on a plant-based diet, who simply like the flavor or are looking to cut some calories. A little sear on the patty develops dark golden crust and a sustaining flavor.

Classic Provisions is distributing Brimson Bangers in foodservice and retail cases of both rolls and crumbles. Hearty Burgers are available in both foodservice and retail pack solid cases.


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